White House recommends ruling against Aereo to Supreme Court

Posted Mar 4, 2014

The White House has reportedly recommended the Supreme Court to rule against Aereo to the Supreme Court. Broadcasters are taking Aereo to the Supreme Court this April. The administration reportedly made the recommendation in an amicus brief filed on Monday. The White House argued that Aereo’s use of discrete antennas to record broadcast TV for customers does not change the fact that is retransmits those records to the public.

The White House said: “Like its competitors, [Aereo] therefore must obtain licenses to perform the copyrighted content on which its business relies.”

Aereo emerged mostly victorious in court so far. Broadcasters brought Aereo to court for their refusal to pay retransmission fees on copyright content. Aereo says that these fees should not apply to them because they capture content through an individual antenna for each customer and allows only its customers to control and interact with their own specific stream. Aereo charges a monthly fee over a few tiers.

The White House points out that Aereo uses a centralize server to transmit streams back to viewers. Instead of permanently assigning each customer an antenna, Aereo offers access to a pool of antennas that are reassigned to each customer as they sign on and off to the service.

[Source: Verge/Deadline]