Who is Facebook Boss? “Me,” Says Mark Zuckerberg

Posted Oct 9, 2008

FAZ.net has one of the most interesting interviews I’ve seen with Mark Zuckerberg thus far.  Holger Schmidt asked some of the most relevant questions such as what Zuckerberg thinks about StudiVZ, his relationship with Sheryl Sandberg, Windows Live Search integration, revenue vs. growth, and about the recent exodus from the company.  One of the last interview questions was “Who is the boss?”  Zuckerberg replied, “Me!”

FAZ asked Zuckerberg what is Facebook’s primary focus?  Zuckerberg stated that the primary focus is growth and revenue is the second priority.  FAZ asked Zuckberg whether Live Search integration will increase their revenue?  Facebook doesn’t work much with search ads as of right now.  FAZ asked about whether Facebook is still pursuing the lawsuit against Facebook clone, StudiVZ.  Zuckberg replied that the lawsuit is going on and that these things move slowly.

Several executives such as Matt Cohl, Dustin Moskovitz, Ben Ling, Adam D’Angelo, and Owen Van Natta have left Facebook recently.  Zuckerberg said that they left because they had planned exits.  Cohl had always wanted to be a VC, Dustin had passion for enterprise, etc.

And lastly, FAZ asked Zuckerberg why he was allowing employees to sell shares worth up to $900,000.  Since Facebook isn’t planning an acquisition or IPO anytime soon, they wanted employees to not have to worry about these type of things.  Zuckerberg also pointed out that he was able to get $900,000 of liquidity in the early days of Facebook and that was a big deal to him.

Facebook has an interesting future ahead.  Facebook has over 100 million users that upload millions of pictures everyday.  Facebook is the number one photo site in the world right now.  Facebook is to photos as YouTube is to videos. 

If Facebook finds a way to monetize their photo archives, then there will be a major increase in revenue.  Facebook should make some sort of advertising arrangement with photo recognition sites, Like.com or Idee.