Who Runs The BreakingNews Account On Twitter?

Posted Jul 14, 2009

There are about 4 people that run the BreakingNews account on Twitter.  The account has about 805,000 followers and is often first at reporting breaking news stories before professional news agencies such as CNN.   BreakingNews was started by Michael van Poppel.

Poppel is not even 20 years old yet.  When Poppel was 17, he gained possession of an Osama bin Laden video and sold it to Reuters.  Now he runs one of the hottest accounts on Twitter and is preparing to launch an iPhone application around the service with push notifications that will cost about $1.99.  After there will be a monthly $0.99 charge.

BNO’s team has members in the U.S., Ireland, Mexico, and The Netherlands that monitor news agencies closely to determine what stories are worth “tweeting” about.

BNO is paying fees to the Associated Press and other news agencies and is paying for development of the iPhone application.  Therefore the monthly charge would help keep the business afloat.  I think that paying BNO is worth it assuming that $0.99 is chump change for you.  I’d rather spend the $0.99 to have constant news updates every month instead of a can of Pepsi.

[via ReadWriteWeb]