Why Acer Switched To Aliyun From Android

Posted Sep 15, 2012

As you know the Acer CloudMobile is using Alibaba’s operating system Aliyun instead of Google Android.  The change was made last-minute.  So why did Acer do it?  Supposedly Google threatened to cancel Acer’s license to use the Android operating system.

Acer was originally supposed to schedule a news conference on Thursday to launch the Acer A800 smartphone for China.  Acer abruptly cancelled the event and a marketing director declined to say why.  Alibaba said that Google threatened to cancel Acer’s license to use Android on its other handsets if the company went ahead with the A800 smartphone launch.

Google’s action is “clearly unfair to consumers and we are concerned about the impact on customer access to competitive products,” said an Alibaba spokesman.  Acer’s A800 smartphone is being sold through a retail shopping website under Alibaba.  The Aliyun operating system can run Android apps and so-called “cloud apps.”