Why Bill Gurley Believes Dropbox Is Disruptive

Posted Feb 25, 2012

Benchmark Capital venture capitalist Bill Gurley recently wrote a blog post about why he thinks that Dropbox, a company that he invested in is disruptive. We all know that Dropbox has tons of customers and that they make file synchronization very simple. Nothing really disruptive there. So why is Dropbox being valued at $4 billion?

“Once you begin using Dropbox, you become more and more indifferent to the hardware you are using, as well as the operating system on that device,” said Gurley. “Dropbox commoditizes your devices and their OS, by being your ‘state’ system in the sky. Storing credentials and configurations of devices, and even applications are natural next steps for this company. And the further they take it, the less dependent any user becomes of the physical machine (HW and SW) that is accessing that data (and state). Imagine the number of companies, as well as the previous paradigms, this threatens.”