Why Dropbox Turned Down An Apple Offer [VIDEO]

Posted Oct 18, 2011

Forbes has put together an article about how Dropbox co-founders Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston turned down an offer from the late Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs was impressed by how Dropbox was able to reverse-engineer Apple’s file system so that his startup’s logo appeared elegantly inside.

When the two met with Steve Jobs, Houston took out his laptop to do a demo on Dropbox. Jobs stopped them and said “I know what you do.” Jobs told Houston that Dropbox was a feature and not a product. Jobs also told them that Apple was going after their market.

Houston told Jobs that Dropbox was not available for sale. Houston was determined to build a large company and was not selling no matter what the status of the bidder was.

Dropbox has 50 million users with a new user joining every second. The company is on track to hit $240 million in 2011. The company also has about 70 people on staff. Check out the Forbes interview of Houston below: