Why ExecTweets Is Lame

Posted Mar 24, 2009

Microsoft, Federated Media, and Twitter have partnered on a website that I think is a pretty lame concept here.  The concept is that Twitter aggregates tweets from business executives and puts it on the homepage of this website.  The service is called ExecTweets.  Some of the technology executives who they track include Sam Decker, Craig Newmark, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Padmasree Warrior, etc.

Twitter gave the site their blessing and accepted the site to use their logo.  There is a revenue sharing partnership between Federated Media and Twitter for this website.

Personally I think that this service is a terrible idea.  This experience takes away from the whole Twitter environment.  What makes Twitter so great is that you can choose to follow people that have similar interests as you or is the exact opposite as you.  Regardless you customize your experiences but in the ExecTweet world, everything is preset.

That is the same reason why I did not like AllTop initially.  It is just a bunch of RSS feeds that was preset based on what Guy Kawasaki thinks should belong there.  The user cannot customize anything.  Ask anyone at the big 3 search engine companies and they can tell you that everyone wants their homepage customizable.

Some people are claiming that through this website “Twitter has found a business model.”  Clearly a revenue sharing agreement isn’t a revenue model because they are not utilizing their entire user base.  They’re just allowing themselves to receive money from a website that anyone could recreate and not share money with them.  Want an example of a site that aggregates users from Twitter and doesn’t give the company royalties?  Kevin Roses’ WeFollow.com.