Why Google+ Does Not Have An API For The Feed Yet

Posted Mar 10, 2012

Google+ head Vic Gundotra was at SXSW this week to discuss the social network. Gundotra said that he was “100% to blame” for the social network lacking an API seven months after the launch. ?Your stream could easily be overwhelmed,? if Google was allowed to post content on behalf of their their users’ said Gundotra.

Gundotra criticized Facebook for having ads on photo albums and said that a “very small number of people have turned off social search.” Gundotra did not guarantee whether third-party posting APIs would be available by the end of 2012.

?I just don?t want to do it because I?ve seen other [platforms] open APIs, develop an ecosystem of third-party clients, and then shut down the API. I?m going to release that API when I?m confident we?re not going to screw over developers,? said Gundotra.

If the ranking system in a stream is not good, single apps could publish way too many posts and kick out authentic content from people you follow. ?When Google opens an API, we want you to know we?re not going to revoke access,? added Gundotra.

When moderator Guy Kawasaki said that developers are used to rapidly changing APIs from Facebook, Gundotra said ?We hold ourselves to a higher standard.? Them is fightin’ words.

Facebook has been working on the EdgeRank algorithm for years to sort the news feed and minimize the impact of noisy apps. Google+ still does not know what to promote and what to hide.