Why I Like The New Wikia Search

Posted Jun 3, 2008

Jimmy Wales started the Wiki craze and Wikipedia has always been the epitome of open source, a community of developers coming together to make something great.  When Wikia Search first launched in Alpha mode, users did not appear to be impressed, but they were interested in the concept.

Now Wales has fired up Wikia again, but this time it is a more robust and impressive version where anyone that surfs over to the site can vote on their favorite search results based on a 5-star system. 

Below is a screen shot:

Wikia does not index the search results themselves.  The search results are aggregated content by pulling keyword search results from a combination of Google & Yahoo! When a user puts the mouse over a search result, users will be able to vote on the star system and/or Edit, Annotate, Spotlight, Comment, or Delete the result.

I am a strong believer in open source. In Feb. 2007, I wrote an article talking about how Digg could take on Google by leveraging their community-base to vote for search results too.  The concept of Wikia turned out to be pretty similar.

Wikipedia monetizes their site by donations, but how will Wikia make money?  Federated Media.