Why Quintura Kids Is The Safest Search Engine For Children

Posted Aug 21, 2007

The SearchEngineWatch[1] produced an interesting study that was trigged by the author’s experience at the movies. Debby Richman watched the movie Knocked Up in theaters and one of the lines used in the movie was “I googled murder.” Richman then curiously investigated whether kids used kid-friendly search engines or use the big search engines based on parent behavior.

Richman also investigated how different the kid-friendly search engines results were from the more well known search engines (Ask, Google, MSN, Yahoo!, etc.) Below is a screen shot of the overall rankings:

Based on the study, it turns out that Quintura Kids returned the most relevant results out of the other competitors, was easier to navigate, and is more visually appealing. While this seems to be reflecting the opinion of Debby Richman, I remember that I produced an article[2] earlier about why I would have set Quintura for Kids as my child’s homepage, if I had one.

Quintura for Kids takes into account the innocence of children and filters out inappropriate content in a more advanced manner than the other search engines out there.  And it has been proved that kid-friendly content is embraced in the world of Web 2.0 as evidenced by the acquisition of Club Penguin by Disney for $350 million[3].

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