Wife Of The Secret Intelligence Service’s Sir John Sawers Leaks Photos On Facebook

Posted Jul 6, 2009

In November 2009, Sir John Sawers will become the chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) agency in London.  The SIS is famous for being the agency that James Bond is portrayed to work for.  Considering that Sawer will be the head of the intelligence agency in London, you would think it would be best for him to keep a low profile at all times.  But his wife Lady Shelley Sawers made a mistake in keeping a low profile after uploading compromising photos on Facebook.

The photos were available for anyone in the “London” network to see.  Photos included pictures of their friends and family.  Sawers is currently the Britain Ambassador to the U.N. and will be code-named as C when joining the spy agency.  About 19 photos were uploaded including one where Sawers was in his swimsuit on vacation.  There were even a couple of photos that revealed the location of a flat that is used by the Sawers family.

There were some messages on Lady Sawers’ wall that gave away the fact that the new agency head will be known as C.  “Congrats on the new job, already dubbed Sir Uncle ‘C’ by nephews in the know!” wrote one of Sawers’ relatives.  The DailyMail has some of the pictures that were taken from the social network, but edited out what they believe to be extremely confidential.  After the Daily Mail informed authorities about the account’s lack of security, the pictures were quickly blocked.