Wikia Opens Four New Communities: Restaurants, Foodie, Fitness, and Mortgages

Posted Apr 13, 2007

Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley’s Wikia project announced yesterday that the company is opening four new open source projects.  The four new open source online magazines focus on Restaurants.wikia, Foodie.wikia, Fitness.wikia, and Mortgages.wikia.

“As with our other open-source magazine sites, we hope that the new sites launched today continue to give people the opportunity to create and share information on the topics that are most important to them,” stated Dan Lewis, the VP of Business Development at Wikia.

Restaurants.wikia allows users to write reviews and articles for restaurants and upload menus.  Over 20,000 restaurants across New York City, LA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Boston have been added.

Popular articles can be subscribed to via RSS and users can rate and tag restaurants.  One of the most popular articles is the Top 5 Creative Sushi Rolls of the Upper East Side for New York City.

Foodies.wikia is for food connoisseurs.  Users of Foodies.wikia can add recipes, create cookbooks, contribute food-related articles, and blog.

Food data can be filtered by Appetizers, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Salads, Soups, Snacks, Condiments, and Other.  Recipes can be rated on a 5 star scale. 

Fitness.wikia focuses in on physical fitness related articles and contains sections that include Weight Loss, Weight Training, Exercising, and Nutrition.

There is a voting system for articles on Fitness.wikia and there is a section for Top Rated Energy Drinks.

Mortgage.wikia is for users who want to discuss mortgages.  This project is for first-time buyers, users who are applying for a mortgage, interested in refinancing, those who have made mortgage mistakes, and those who have bad credit.

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