Wikileaks Gets Hacked Prior To Military Document Leak

Posted Oct 23, 2010

Wikileaks is a website where confidential military documents have been leaked. There has been almost 400,000 Iraq War documents leaked on Wikileaks thus far. As Wikileaks was preparing to announce another major leak about the Iraq war, they wrote on their Twitter feed, “communications infrastructure is currently under attack.” They followed up with “Project BO move to coms channel S. Activate Reston5.” (Whatever that means).

A source with Wikileaks said that their XMPP server in Amsterdam used encrypted IM communications and it was compromised earlier this week. The chat service had to be moved to another server in Germany. ?The server got attacked, hacked, and the private keys got out,? stated the source. ?We needed new private keys. Now it?s back online and secure.?

In the leaked documents, it was revealed that there was about 15,000 civilian deaths that were not documented. These civilians died from assassinations, drive-by shootings, and checkpoint killings.

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