Wikileaks Preparing For “Biggest Leak Of Military Intelligence”

Posted Sep 10, 2010

According to Newsweek, Wikileaks is preparing for the “‘biggest leak of military intelligence’ that has ever occurred.” This is three times larger than the cache that leaked on the website in July. The information relates to the the “abusive treatment of detainees.”

This information is according to Mark Hosenthal of NewsWeek, who spoke to Iain Overton, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism editor. The Bureau works directly with Wikileaks. Hosenthal said that the “most disturbing material relates to the abusive treatment of detainees, not by Americans but by Iraqi security forces.”

The leak that took place in July involved 98,000 military documents about the war in Afghanistan. About 76,000 documents were posted on Wikileaks itself.