Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Petitions Extradition Of Creator Richard O’Dwyer

Posted Jul 4, 2012

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has started a petition to try and stop the extradition of founder Richard O’Dwyer. O’Dwyer is a British student that set up a website that simply links to other sources for TV shows. Some of the links were legal, but some of the links were to illegal sources.

O’Dwyer is now facing extradition and criminal charges in the U.S. Wales’ petition has received over 200,000 signatures according to The U.K. Home Office has been ignoring the petition and is on the side of Hollywood in this case.

“The UK courts found there were no statutory bars to his surrender under the Extradition Act 2003 and on 9 March the Home Secretary, having carefully considered all relevant matters, signed an order for his extradition to the US,” said the Home Office. Wales believes that the “low level” spokesperson is wrong and he expects that the Home Office will respond after meeting with him about the issue.