Wikipedia Gets $3 Million From The Sloan Foundation

Posted Mar 25, 2008

Despite all the drama that has been happening with Jimmy Wales, Rachel Marsden, and former board members of The Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia has attracted further donations. The latest substantial donation was provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the amount is at $3 million.

This donation will be paid out at $1 million per year over the course of 3 years. One of the latest initiatives by The Wikimedia Foundation is to assign Flagged Revisions to Wikipedia content which essentially serves as how credible certain content is within the open source online encyclopedia.

The funding will also be used to support other initiatives for providing Wikipedia offline such as in the forms of DVDs or books.

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation originates back to 1934 around the same time that Sloan was President and CEO of General Motors Corporation. In 1892, Sloan enrolled at M.I.T. , the institute that now bears his name as part of their Management program.  About 31 years after graduating, Sloan took the President position at GM and retired in 1956.  For the 10 years after that, Sloan devoted his time to philanthropic activities.

The Wikimedia Foundation was started in 2003 by Jimmy Wales as a non-profit charitable orgnization based in San Francisco, Calif.  The Wikimedia Foundation has 19 employees devoted to wiki-based projects.  Sue Gardner is the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.

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