Wikipedia, Now 10 Million+ Articles Strong

Posted Apr 1, 2008

“Itâ??s incredible to think that weâ??ve grown from one Wikipedia in English to over 250 language Wikipedias,” stated Wikimedia/Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales. “Ten million articles is something we could never have imagined happening so fast when we embarked on Wikipedia in 2001. This is a testament to the incredible dedication of our volunteers around the world.”

Wikipedia, the open source encyclopedia started by Jimmy Wales has published its 10 millionth article. The open source encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone did this on March 30 with an article related to Nicholas Hilliard in the Hungarian language.

The English language contains the highest number of articles at 2.3 million. The Wikimedia Foundation oversees the site, which is currently writte in 253 different languages.

Wikimedia has seen its fair share of controversy, but repeating all of it isn’t necessary.  I’m sure Mr. Wales prefers not to dwell on it.