Wild Freeborn Told Not To Sell Girl Scout Cookies Through YouTube

Posted Mar 16, 2009

Wild Freeborn is an 8 year old Girl Scout that decided to use social media as a form of sales.  Rather than asking people passing by grocery stores to buy her cookies, she turned to YouTube to reach out directly to the video website’s millions of users.  Freeborn lives in North Carolina and she was expected to sell 12,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Freeborn’s father Bryan published a YouTube video of his daughter with a pitch “Buy cookies — they’re yummy!”  The Girl Scouts actually have a rule that bans sales made through the Internet.  Wild’s father stated that all of his intentions were honorable.

When Wild’s video hit the web, she was able to sell 700 boxes at $3.50 per box. Denise Pesich, spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts of the USA appeared on TODAY to explain why they decided to have the video taken down.

?We want to make sure that whatever the girl is doing is integrated into the program that she?s studying, we want to make sure we are in the development stages of a technological platform that will integrate it and be fair and equitable for all girls. But more importantly, it?s girl safety at its core,? stated Pesich.

TODAY’s Matt Lauer asked Pesich ?Is it less safe to sell online than to go door to door in some communities??

?When we sell door to door we always have adults accompanying girls,? replied Pesich. ?In this case, we have a very concerned father overseeing the process, and we know she?s relatively safe. But not in all cases is that true.?

Currently the Girl Scouts have 2.7 million members with over 1 million adults overseeing them.

[via MSNBC]