Will.I.Am Of The Black-Eyed Peas Starting Mobile Social Network, DipDive

Posted Mar 8, 2008

“Architecturally, music and the social networking are going to merge,” stated Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Research in Motion, Ltd. “So when you want music, do you want to buy hits or do you want to be part of a community? That’s the big question. It’s not just here’s a cheaper way to buy songs. It’s not just about buying songs. It’s about community.”

BlackBerry, a brand known for designing some of the smartest phones out there is adapting to the social network craze.  Research In Motion, Ltd. (RIM) is starting a social network called DipDive and will be integrated into BlackBerry phones.  The social network is called DipDive and is being backed by Will.i.am, an R&B artist known for being in the group, The Black-Eyed Peas.  DipDive will be available to BlackBerry users in the next several months.

RIM will be supporting the social networking technology on the phones.  The social network won’t be exclusive to Blackberry.  DipDive features a song created by Will.i.am called “Yes We Can” and features U.S. President candidate, Barack Obama.  DipDive will offer music, music videos, and blogs.