Windows 8.1 Will Have A Feature That Is Similar To The Start Menu

Posted May 30, 2013

Microsoft Corporation
is going to bring back the “start menu” on Windows version 8.1.  Microsoft is adding the feature back on Windows 8 as part of an effort to win over consumers that get too confused by the user interface changes on Windows.  Microsoft is going to update Windows multiple times rather than waiting every three years to offer a large release.

Around 100 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold since October.  This is around the same number that Windows 7 licenses sold over the same period three years ago.  Microsoft still needs to find a way to make a dent in the tablet market as the iPad continues to dominate and as Samsung tablet sales are surging.

According to Reuters, the shipment of traditional PCs are expected to fall around 8% this year and the Microsoft Surface as under 2% of the tablet market.  The Windows 8 operating system runs on both traditional PCs and touch-screen tablets.  Unfortunately, many Windows 8 users complained that the tile-based interface was way too confusing.

Microsoft is going to add a button at the bottom left corner of the screen that works just like a “start” button, which is the primary navigation source in the previous versions of Windows.  The new start button will not be labeled as “start,” but it will feature a Windows logo that will take a user straight to the application grid.

Windows 8.1 previously had the code-name “Blue” and it will be made available for free to all Windows 8 users later this year.  A test version will be available at their annual developer conference on June 26th.  Windows 8.1 will also have improved “search” to allow users to find documents, apps, and other files on the Internet using a single search bar.