Windows 8 Features: Facial Recognition, Restoration While Keeping My Stuff, and Focus On Windows Store

Posted Jun 28, 2010

[Windows 8 powered machine prototype]

Italian Microsoft-focused website Windowsette was able to get their hands on a secret Microsoft presentation that was on the Internet.  The slides look very real and I have no reason to believe that someone made a fake Windows 8 presentation.  Here’s a list of some of the Windows 8 features mentioned in the leaked presentation.

Facial Recognition:

Windows 8 will have the ability to let the user log in using facial recognition.  Basically you look into the webcam of your machine and it will let you in.  Fast user switching will still be a major feature and Windows accounts will be able to be connected through the cloud.  This means you can have the same preferences across multiple Windows 8 machines.

Restoration While Keeping My Stuff

Microsoft is also planning to add a reset button that will reinstall Windows while keeping your personal files and applications.

Focus On Windows Store

Below are several screenshots from Microsoft’s presentation about their upcoming Windows Store.