Windows 8 Is Too Fast To Select BIOS During Boot-Up

Posted May 23, 2012

It is a good thing and a bad thing that Windows 8 boots extremely fast. A PC that has an SSD can book up Windows 8 in seven seconds. The problem with the fast boot-up time is that it does not give you enough time to interrupt the boot-up process. Many people interrupt the booting process in order to access the BIOS. People like to change around the BIOS to change around the order of devices to boot such as telling Windows to read your USB drive before reading your CD drive when booting up. In older versions of Windows, hitting the F8 button boots up the familiar BIOS menu. Microsoft User Experience program manager Chris Clark said that users now have only a 200ms window to get to the BIOS menu during the boot-up. Some of the solutions that Microsoft is considering is that all of the various settings that may have been distributed across troubleshooting, developer, and startup menus are being consolidated into one boot options group. The BIOS boot menu option will appear automatically anytime something prevents Windows from booting up. Microsoft is also making it easy to access a repository of options by giving multiple ways of bringing it up even if there is nothing wrong with the PC. I have been using Windows PCs since I was a kid and I have run into all sorts of problems. The BIOS menu has been a life-saver for me in many different circumstances so I will definitely miss how easy it has been to access it.