Windows Blue Screen Appears During Olympics Opening

Posted Aug 12, 2008

As Li Ning was about to rise to the Bird’s Nest during the Olympics opening ceremony, a Windows blue screen appeared.  The blue screen only appeared for a second because a techie switched to the backup immediately.  A Gizmodo commenter confirmed that it indeed happened. 

“CONFIRMED: I found it on my HD DVR recording of the Opening Ceremonies. Angle and color are correct. It’s a blue-white smudge on the ceiling at about 4 hours and 24 minutes into the NBC broadcast version. Right after the torch lighting, they have a shot with some women in red dresses, holding flags. It’s right above the white flag.”

Windows blue screens occures when a kernel or driver runs into an unrecoverable error and requires a power shut-down.  This usually happens when Windows believes an illegal operation took place.  Read more on Wikipedia.

Picture Credit:
1. Gizmodo