Windows Phone Outsold iPhones In 7 Markets Including India and South Africa

Posted Mar 28, 2013

Market research company IDC has revealed that Microsoft’s Windows Phone powered devices have outsold the iPhone in seven and the BlackBerry in twenty-six different markets during Q4 2012.  Microsoft Windows Phone outsold the iPhone in Argentina, India, Poland, South Africa, Russia, and the Ukraine.  The seventh market includes several countries including Croatia and the “rest of central and eastern Europe.”  These are markets where Nokia has been traditionally strong.

The Windows Phone milestones were reported by Microsoft head of communications Frank X. Shaw.  In Shaw’s same report, he poked fun at Google’s “spring cleaning,” which included the shutting down of Google Reader.  Shaw said that Windows Phone hit a 10% market share in several countries also.

Overall, Windows Phone accounted for 6% of the 227 million smartphones shipped worldwide in Q4 2012.  IDC predicts that Windows Phone will be the fastest growing platform between now until 2016 with a compound annual growth rate of 71.3%.  IDC believes that Windows Phone will account for 11.4% of smartphone shipments by 2016 according to ZDNet.