Windows Store Developer Revenue Sharing Is 80-20 After Hitting $25K

Posted Dec 7, 2011

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced the developer terms for apps that will be going for sale on the Windows Store. Apps must be starting at a minimum of $1.49 and they can charge as much as $999. As far as revenue sharing goes, Microsoft will take 30% of every app sale initially, but will bump it down to 20% after the app hits $25,000 in sales. This should provide an incentive for developers to create high quality apps. In-app transactions also have a 70-30 split if you use the Microsoft billing system, but companies like eBay don’t have to worry about that since they have PayPal. The store will launch with free apps and a developer account costs $49. The Windows Store will be able to set-up trial versions of the app. You can buy the app and install the full upgraded version from within the app itself. [The Verge]