Wintek Building Touch Panels For New Apple Products

Posted Mar 9, 2009

Wintek is a Taiwanese company that builds TFTs, Touch Panels, STNs, etc.  Apple is one of their major customers.  Recently a Taipei-based publication stated that Wintek will supply touch panels for a new Apple product.  The new product is rumored to be a netbook although Macrumors has their doubts.  Netbooks are low-cost laptops, a market that Apple has officially stated that they do not have an interest in.  This was further evidenced by the higher priced line of Macs that they introduced earlier this month.

However Apple has been rumored to be working on some sort of product that is similar to a netbook.   A tablet Macbook is one of the products that is rumored to be next in Apple’s line of products.  I also wouldn’t rule out a smaller version of an iPhone too.  What are your guesses?  Leave a comment.