Wisconsin Man Turns Tonka Truck Into A Life Size Replica

Posted Jul 18, 2013

Brad Doane bought a $700 Chevy truck and he has turned it into a two-ton Tonka truck.  Brad’s family has worked in the tow truck business for 66 years with a business called Irvington Garage Towing in Menomonie, Wisconsin.  It took about a year for Brad to turn the $700 1984 Chevy pickup into the Tonka Mighty Wrecker in full size.

Brad cut, welded, lengthened, and shaped the Chevy into the Tonka.  It is at 20 feet long and ten feet tall.  This Sunday, Brad will be driving the truck to the Spirit of the Lakes parade in Mound, Minnesota.  This is the city where Tonka was founded.

[Image Credit: Jalopnik]