Wix.Com Ltd (WIX) has acquired Appixia

Posted Mar 13, 2014

Wix.Com Ltd (NASDAQ:WIX) is a cloud-based web development company that has over 42 million registered users worldwide as of the end of December. Wix believes that the Internet should be accessible for everyone to develop, create, and contribute.

Wix allows millions of businesses, organizations, professionals and individuals to take their businesses online through free and premium subscriptions. Wix’s Editor and App Market lets users build and manage websites. The company’s headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel. Today Wix has announced the acquisition of Appixia, a platform for building native mobile-commerce apps.

“Appixia is the perfect addition to the Wix platform. It truly embraces our mission of bringing the most function-rich and innovative technological solutions to users, regardless of their technical ability or budget,” stated Wix CEO, co-founder, and chairman Avishai Avrahami. “Native mobile apps are a huge part of managing and promoting a business online. Expanding the range of mobile solutions we provide our customers with is a strategic focus for Wix, and by integrating Appixia’s technology we can more quickly boost and further diversify our mobile offering.”

Both Wix and Appixia offer code-free solutions to empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to build an online presence. Appixia lets retailers profit from the benefits of having a native mobile app by making costly development processes affordable.

Wix users are building over 30,000 new mobile sites every day. Appixia’s platform lets users build and launch feature-rich native mobile-commerce apps on iOS and Android by offering push notifications, barcode scanning, location-based services (GPS), credit card scanning, and several other features.

[Source: WSJ]