Wolfram Alpha’s iPhone Application Will Run You $50

Posted Oct 18, 2009

The Wolfram Alpha search engine is one of the most sophisticated search engines I have ever seen. It is a lot more advanced than Google in doing calculations and solving problems, but it is not as appealing when it comes to searching for websites. The problem is that Wolfram Alpha does not have mainstream appeal, yet the company has still decided to charge $50 for their iPhone application.

The Wolfram Alpha iPhone application plugs into the API of the search engine directly and delivers results at a fast pace. This application seems extremely useful to a financial analyst but not very common for a typical consumer especially considering the price.

When I went directly to the Wolfram Alpha website on the Safari browser on the iPhone, it turns out that the user interface was quite friendly too. Below is a screenshot of what the website looks like on the web browser. Once I find out what the main difference is between the iPhone app and the web version, then I’ll update this post. If you download the app, leave a comment. After the jump is a couple of screenshots of the web version of WolframAlpha.