Wolters Kluwer To Acquire UpToDate.com

Posted Sep 4, 2008

Wolters Kluwer Health is a publication company based in Pennsylvania geared towards those in the medical profession. Wolters Kluwer announced that they will be buying UpToDate, an online information resource for clinicians, educators, institutions, and patients.

?Evidence-based medicine is having a significant impact, helping to deliver healthcare
faster and more effectively. UptoDate?s proven ability to leverage technology and content to help physicians make the right decision at the point of care represents a significant growth opportunity for us,” stated Nancy McKinstry, CEO and Chairman of Wolters Kluwer. “This acquisition will strengthen Wolters Kluwer?s leading position in the clinical decision support market and fits squarely into our strategy for building our Health business.?

UpToDate works with 3,800 physicians to research and recommend diagnoses to patients. UpToDate is expected to earn $80 million this year. UpToDate has about 250 employees and is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. UpToDate started in 1992. Although the price of the acquisition is not known, paidContent speculates that it is in the low hundred millions.