WooMe TV Is Pure Entertainment

Posted Sep 24, 2008

WooMe is a speed dating video website where users can meet for 60 seconds.  Those who want to make their video dating sessions public are allowed to do so through WooMe TV.  After each session happens, users will be asked if they would like to put their recording of their video chat on WooMe TV.  WooMe TV is available at: http://www.woome.tv.  Both users have to opt in to have any of the videos appear on WooMe TV. 

The best part of WooMe TV is that it is 100% pure entertainment.  I spent 5 minutes on WooMe TV and checked out the Most Favorited videos.  They are hilarious.  I think that this site would be perfect for Loren Feldman because he is best known for his sock puppets.  And some of the funniest videos on this site involves sock puppets.  Check out the video embedded below:

As you can tell, videos on WooMe TV have the potential to become an advertising platform.  Imagine a girl or guy talking to one of the Kellogg’s cereal characters or a different company’s mascot.  Maybe on Halloween, have a girl talking to Count Chocula.  There’s no limits to what you can do with WooMe TV.

WooMe started in December 2006 and has about $17 million in funding.  Investors in WooMe includes Atomico Investments, Mangrove Capital Partners, Klaus Hommels, and Index Ventures.  Atomico Investments was started by Niklas Zennstrom, founder of KaZaa, Skype, and Joost.