WordPress Parent Company Automattic Acqui-hires Poster Team

Posted Jun 18, 2013

Poster was an application that let you write articles and post them on your WordPress blog.  WordPress parent company Automattic acqui-hired (the process of hiring a team of people by acquiring their company) the team behind Poster.  The terms of the deal was undisclosed.  When I saw team behind Poster, I mean that the sole developer Tom Witkin.  Witkin is joining Automattic and is going to improve WordPress’ mobile app.

“Poster will no longer be available for purchase, but if you?ve already bought the app you?ll always be able to re-download it. I?m continuing to support it, and I?m always just an email away if you?ve got any questions,” said Witkin.

This is not Automattic’s only recent acquisition.  Automattic recently acquired data synchronization company Simperium in January.  Automattic recently raised $50 million in funding through a deal led by Tiger Global Management.  Automattic will likely acquire more companies through this funding.