WordPress Security: A Necessity for Today?s Website Owners

Posted May 31, 2012

Nowadays, blogging is considered to be an integral part of many people?s life. Every day we are introduced to thousands of new blogs written by people from different walks of life. There are numerous platforms available for blogging websites and among them the most popular is WordPress ? an open source Content Management System (CMS), used by over 70 million websites around the world.

WordPress is popular because of the unique features, the flexibility and the security it offers. However, relying completely on WordPress security features will not entirely secure your blog or even a WordPress website from external or internal threats. Hackers will always be trying to infiltrate into your blog and harm you in one way or another.

Website security needs to be handled more seriously with the use of additional plugins and web security service providers. There are thousands of WordPress security plugins available out there that can be used to protect your sites and blogs.

Finding the best WordPress security plugin is a question that bugs almost everyone. Due to the open source nature of WordPress, there is always a chance that some plugins or theme designed to improve the functionality of your website, can actually contain vulnerabilities or even hidden malicious codes.  This is why WordPress plugin security is one of the most important checks that your website security plugin or provider need to offer you.

The aftermath of infiltration can be disastrous both in terms of internal damage as well as external damage. You may not only lose all your precious data, also you might be penalized by search engines for substandard security. You may lose your web rank and your site will be labeled ?infected? every time someone searches it.

In order to prevent all this from happening, here?s a highly recommended plugin which will serve the desired purpose and keep your blog or site safe from the hands of the ill doers.

WebsiteDefender is one of the most comprehensive online website security providers available today on the market. WebsiteDefender has also developed security plugins for WordPress that used together with the WebsiteDefender service will ensure your WordPress website is highly secure at all times. It will scan your website or blog regularly for vulnerable, malware or hacker activity and offer you clear instructions on how to fix detected issue. WebsiteDefender also provides solutions for your database security, easily decodable passwords and encryptions, file permissions and a lot more.

The major WebsiteDefender features as stated on the official website are:

  • Advanced security checks for malware.
  • Detects under the hood hacker activity.
  • Alerts you if important files are modified pointing to hacker activity.
  • Provides you with a files analysis report where all the suspicious changes are

highlighted and compared with the previous version of the file.

  • Email notifications in case of any malware, hacker activity or vulnerabilities detected on your website.

Installing the WebsiteDefender service will only take a few minutes but it will save a life time?s worth of hard work. It can be done directly from your WebsiteDefender WordPress Security Plugin dashboard or from the WebsiteDefender Registration Page of the official website.

This blog post was sponsored. It was written by Allison Reilly, CEO and Founder of Stirring Media LLC, a content marketing and news production firm based in St. Louis.