World of Fourcraft Uses Foursquare to Make NYC a Giant Game of Risk

Posted Jun 29, 2011

World of Fourcraft turns NYC checkins into a digital game of Risk, with users battling over which borough owns which neighborhoods. Mashable reports that there are currently about 100 players in the game, which combines Foursquare checkins with Google Maps APIs to calculate who owns what part of New York City. Users must swear allegiance to a borough when they sign up for the game.

Most of the neighborhoods are still owned by the borough in which they’re located, but Manhattan Fourcrafters have claimed ownership of a few faraway properties, like Jamaica (in Queens) and Old Town – Donegan Hills – South Beach (in Staten Island). In turn, Brooklyn and Manhattan currently rule a few of each other’s neighboring properties, with Brooklyn claiming a few of Manhattan’s closest neighborhoods while Manhattan has snagged a few pieces of Brooklyn just across the water.

The ownership anomalies could be the result of users frequently checking in at work or a friend’s place while claiming allegiance to (and probably living in) a different borough.