Files Lawsuit Against NCSoft For Avatar Interaction In Virtual Space

Posted Jan 2, 2009 has filed a lawsuit against South Korean game publisher NCSoft.  NCSoft is most famous for games such as City of Heroes, Lineage, Aion: Tower of Eternity and Guild Wars.  The lawsuit was filed at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division.  The patent in question is 7,181,690: System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space.  The patent was filed by Dave Leahy, Judith Challinger, B. Thomas Adler, and S.J. Ardron.  Below is an image from the filed patent.

Attorney Stephen Roth of Lerner David, Westfield, N.J. stated that he could not discuss what other companies that plans to bring into the lawsuit.  But he did mention that there are “certainly other companies that could come within the scope of our patent claims” according to  The patent allows to recover 6 years damages, but is only allowed to collect damages from the date the patent was issued.

Others that could be affected by this lawsuit includes Linden Lab for Second Life and Microsoft for their Xbox avatar system.

[via Mediapost]