Woz Claims He Was Set-Up By DWTS, But Took It Back

Posted Mar 18, 2009

Yesterday Steve Wozniak claimed that he was set up by the TV show Dancing With The Stars.  Woz said that if he was in the bottom two and would have to compete in a dance-off, it would be “an outright lie.”  He believes that having to dance off would help boost ratings.

It turns out that Woz was in the bottom two and won the dance-off.  This caused Belinda Carlisle, a former 80’s singer to get kicked off.

Even though Woz’s conspiracy theory ended up happening, he apologized anyway. “Yesterday, I wrote my suspicions of the secret ‘Dancing With The Stars’ audience vote tabulations. I wrote that the producers were liars, simply because I truly believed in that possibility, not because I had a shred of evidence. I hurt a lot of honest people,” stated Woz.

Woz decided to keep dancing even though he fractured his foot. I think he did a great job even though it must have been painful.

Below is Woz’s second dance:

[via CNET]