Articles That Are Submitted to Digg Will Be Free? Why Did I Renew My Subscription Today?

Posted Nov 13, 2007

Talk about irony. I just renewed my subscription to for $9.95/month today and Kevin Rose up and decides that “The Wall Street Journal Online is adding Digg buttons across the entire site, and youâ??ll now have full (free) access to the articles submitted to Digg. The Digg buttons have started appearing on articles tonight [Digg blog].”

Did I read that correctly? articles that are submitted to Digg can now be read for free? What if I use my Digg account to submit every article I’m interested in, just so I can read it for free and save myself the $9.95/month? Or wait, I have a better idea, how about Rupert Murdoch hurries up, buys Dow Jones and, and makes for free like he said he was going to.

Regardless, I think this is a great move for Its great to see big media companies embrace Web 2.0 technologies like Digg and Sphere. Digg users will have access to more information. WSJ gets more people to read their content, thus generating higher advertising revenue. But I think for publishers like myself, WSJ adding Sphere is a bigger deal because it gives us an avenue to promote our related content and opinions on the WSJ also.