WTF: Pierre Omidyar Being Sued For Palling Around With Terrorists?

Posted Feb 21, 2009

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar reported on Twitter about a ridiculous lawsuit that is being thrown at him.  Omidyar, a billionaire, a start-up investor, and a philanthropist is the least likely person in the world to have anything to do with terrorists.

The lawyer suing Omidyar even own a website called  Omidyar tweeted that he plans to claim before that lawyer tries to get it.

John Picardy, a former special agent with the State Department recently filed a lawsuit against Omidyar for a wrongful termination.  Picardy is also suing Omidyar’s wife, mother, and Sky River Management.  Sky River Management, a firm in Honolulu handles the security for the Omidyar family.  Picardy left his job at the State Department in Australia and joined Sky River at the beginning of 2008.

Picardy’s job only last four days.  Sky River fired Picardy because he made a comment that was offensive to two fellow roommates.  The comment was ?What do you do when Jayson wants to get some face?? Picardy meant “going on a date” and “not having sex”.

Picardy believes that he was fired because Omidyar’s mother questioned his views on the Middle East.  Picardy claims he was fired because he found out about the family airplane flying to Syria for meetings with Hamas. Picardy believes the Omidyars fired him ?because they feared the reporting to the U.S. government of their activities.?  Picardy wants a jury trial and punitive damages.

Omidyar is taking the situation quite lightly as indicated by his tweets.  “I guess my chances of becoming President have gone up.  Thank you, Sarah Palin!” tweeted Omidyar after writing about being sued for “palling around with terrorists.”

[via NYT]