WWDC: Apple OS X Mountain Lion To Get Notification Center, Dictation, and New Apps

Posted Jun 11, 2012

At WWDC, Apple announced OS X Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion has over 200 new features. Below is a list of some of the new features:

  • iCloud – Documents are being added in the cloud along with Messages, Reminders, and Notes.
  • Notification Center: Banner and alerts will be the two key elements added.
  • Dictation: Users can speak and OS X will convert the spoken words to text in any application
  • New Safari Browser: The new Safari browser has fast JavaScript rendering, the URL/search boxes are unified, and there is a new feature called iCloud Tabs (tabs synced across OS X and iOS devices)
  • Sharing: One location to share any file and website. Twitter sharing is built into the OS level.
  • Power Nap: Sync e-mail, photos, and notifications in the background.
  • AirPlay Mirroring: Full AirPlay support and 1080p HD resolution
  • GameCenter: Apple GameCenter will be on Mountain Lion. Users can have the same account they use on iOS. The Mac version will have turn-based and head-to-head gaming.