Xanga To Shut Down Unless They Raise $60,000 By July 15th

Posted Jun 3, 2013

Before there was Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr, Friendster, and Facebook, there was Xanga.  Founded in 1999, Xanga was a popular blogging platform that users were encouraged to write articles and award each other “eProps.”

Xanga co-founder John Hiler outlined two scenarios.  Door #1 is that the company cannot afford to renew the expensive lease at the networking facility so they would have to offer everyone a free download of their blog posts and shut down the website.  Door #2 is that they would need around $60,000 to cover the costs of setting up new hardware at a new data center and get the help of webmasters to get the site up.  Xanga would be moved to a paid model in Door #2 also.

Hiler wrote:

I would donate our time to get things up and running…  but programmers and webmasters would still need to be paid to relaunch the site.  So we are launching a Kickstarter-style fundraising effort, with the following rewards:

  • A year-long Xanga blogging membership ($48)

  • Two year-long Xanga blogging memberships (i.e. One membership for you, one for a friend… $96)

  • Three year-long Xanga blogging memberships ($144)

  • Four year-long Xanga blogging memberships ($192)

  • Five year-long Xanga blogging memberships ($240)

Xanga has raised around $20,010 from 145 backers so far.  That is an average of about $138 per backer, which is pretty impressive.

Some of the new features that Xanga will offer after relaunching with Door #2 are custom themes, a plugin gallery, group blogging, threaded comments, better spam controls, and moderation features.  The fundraiser is ending July 15th.  If the company does not raise the full amount by that date, it will be the last day of Xanga.