Xbox Live: 17 Million Active, Sony Playstation Network: 20 Million Active

Posted Feb 27, 2009

Several weeks ago, Microsoft claimed to have about 17 million active users on Xbox Live.  There are about 28 million Xbox 360 units that have sold so that makes it about 60% of those who own the console are also on the online service.  Basic services are free and the advanced online feature is about $50 per year.  About 56% of those who own use Xbox Live pay for the service.

Recently a Microsoft document somehow leaked to the press and revealed that about 56% of the 28 million consoles sold pay for the service.  That is about 15.7 million people paying and it comes out to be about $784 million revenue for Microsoft.

Yesterday Sony announced that they have about 20 million users on the PlayStation Network.  This includes people using the PSP and PSIII.  The PSIII has about 20 million units sold  The PSP shifted about 50 million units worldwide.  The Playstation Network has about $180 million in download sales to date.  Its unclear how much the Playstation Network makes from an overall standpoint.

Based on these numbers, it seems like that the console wars are pretty close in terms of converting users from playing in the living room to playing with people online.  And both companies are making a healthy revenue doing so.

[via PCW]