Video: Microsoft Xbox One Dashboard

Posted Oct 28, 2013

Microsoft has released a video that showcases how the Xbox One dashboard works. The ad emphasizes the power of the voice commands.  Some of the voice commands used in the video include:

– “Xbox on.” The Xbox turns on.

– “Xbox, go to Pacific Rim.”  The movie Pacific Rim starts playing

– “Xbox, go to activity feed.” The Xbox pulls up the user profiles of some friends.  The user then clicks on “Join Party”

– “Xbox, join Titanfall.”  The user is now playing Titanfall with some friends.

– “Xbox, record that.” The video game play starts recording

– “Xbox, share.”  The Xbox starts uploading the game feed.

– “Xbox, watch TV.”  A TV channel starts to play and it exits game mode.

– “Xbox, snap Internet Explorer.”  Internet Explorer is snapped into a right frame

– The user’s friend calls through Skype and he chats with a friend

– Once the conversation is done, the user said “Xbox hang up” and then “Xbox off.”

Check out the video above.