Xiaonei, A Chinese Replica Of Facebook Raises $430 Million ($72 Million More Than The Original Facebook)

Posted May 1, 2008

Xiaonei is a social network that is pretty much an exact replica of Facebook, but is based in China. Interestingly, Xiaonei has raised much more money than Facebook. Facebook’s total investment to date is about $378 million from investors such as Peter Thiel, Li Ka-Shing, Microsoft Corporation, Accel Partners, etc. Xiaonei now has $430 million in funding from several different financial companies.

Xiaonei even uses the exact same feature-related icons to talk about the site’s capabilities.

[Note: I took this screen shot after searching for Xiaonei in Google and using the Translate feature]

Notice the icons on the left? Same color scheme, same features, same everything. I wonder if Facebook will respond in any way to this.

Xiaonei was acquired by Oak Pacific Interactive in October 2006. If anyone who the parties involved are for the new round of funding for Xiaonei, feel free to comment.

Information Source:
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