Xobni Raises $10.5 Million Second Round Of Funding

Posted Mar 28, 2009

is an e-mail plugin that gives Microsoft Outlook more social features and has a better search for the system.  The company is exiting out of beta and has raised a second round of funding.  The company raised $10.5 million in funding from Cisco ($5 million) and the BlackBerry Partner Fund ($3.2 million).  All of Xobni’s previous investors also participated.

Xobni is currently developing a software update that focuses on performance and compatibility.  The software will have caching and performance tweaks so that Outlook’s speed is not affected by message switching.  The software update will also make the software compatible with other Microsoft products such as Dynamic CRM and Outlook Business Contact Manager.

Xobni still has yet to break even and profit.  However the company plans on announcing a premium product this summer and paid online services.  Xobni is a Y-Combinator company.

[via CNET]