Xoom Corp (XOOM) Announces New Mobile Apps For Transferring Money Internationally

Posted Jun 19, 2013

Xoom Corp (NASDAQ:XOOM) has announced a new Xoom Money Transfer App for Android and iOS.  The apps are free and offers a way to quickly send money to friends and family.  The app lets you send money using a quick “one tap and one swipe” technique.  Xoom is a digital money transfer provider that has seen 840,000 active customers send over $3.6 billion.

?The market has traditionally been served by offline, inconvenient cash-to-cash operators, where consumers often waste precious time waiting in line to send money,? stated Xoom VP of Product Joe Raymond. ?Now, with its new App, Xoom is providing consumers with yet another option that is quick, convenient, easy-to-use and cost-effective.?

The Xoom app can gather real-time transfer status updates as the money gets sent.  The app also lets you review Xoom’s low fees, monitor exchange rates, and contact customer service.