XP-Powered DigiCube MIDPhone-50 Slides, Tilts, and Works As A Mobile Phone

Posted Jun 7, 2009

DigiCube unveiled the MIDPhone-50 at Computex.  JKKMobile did a demo of the device in the video below.  Some of the specs of the MIDPhone-50 includes the Windows XP operating system, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen MID (mobile Internet device), and 3.5G mobile phone.  The touchscreen size is 4.5 inches and there was 800×480 resolution.  The ports of the device include mini-USB, USB, and microSD.  The MIDPhone-50 can also output a VGA connection.  The processor of the device is the Intel Atom Z-series CPU and it comes with 1GB of RAM.  There is Bluetooth and WiFi connection capabilities built in to the device as well. As a phone the MIDPhone-50 is pretty big, but considering the device is like a little computer I’m impressed with the size.

[via SlashGear]