Y Combinator Company Close.io Raises Funding

Posted Apr 2, 2013

Close.io is a sales-as-a-service startup company that focuses on helping sales people improve customer management.  Spun out of the Y Combinator startup accelerator program, Close.io has raised additional funding from Michael Birch (Bebo co-founder), Spark Capital, SV Angel, and David Tisch.  Close.io used to be called ElasticSales.

Close.io offers software and resources to help startups outsource sales functions with an on-demand basis.  ElasticSales developed Close.io internally to improve the performance of their sales folks.  Close.io co-founder and CEO Steli Efti said that the company saw potential in marketing and developing their internal platform for clients.

Close.io lets the sales team spend more time chatting with clients and less time on inputting data.  Close.io lets users make and receive calls while giving them the ability to take notes without having to leave the application.  Close.io’s built-in phone system lets a sales person simply click on a lead to call them.  The service has a two-way e-mail communication system that can be synced with your existing inbox.

Close.io has grown 20% per week and plans to use the funding to double down on additional development of the software and to hire more engineering employees.  ElasticSales has over 300 clients and is profitable.