Y Combinator Company Snipshot (Winter 2006) Lists Itself For Sale on Flippa

Posted Mar 28, 2013

Online photo editor Snipshot (YC W06) is listed for sale on Flippa. The site can be yours for $30,000.

Snipshot was founded by Beau Hartshorne and Greg Dingle, both of whom originate from Victoria, British Columbia.

Greg and Beau now work at Facebook so they don’t have the time to maintain Snipshot.

Snipshot allows users to upload and edit photos on the web. Its front-end is powered by JavaScript and Python and its backend is powered by Objective-C.

According to its Flippa listing, Snipshot makes about $900 a month. It receives around 70,000 unique visitors a month. Half of its revenue comes from AdSense. The other half comes from subscriptions.

Snipshot joins Kiko as Y Combinator companies that listed themselves for sale. A few years back, Kiko sold itself on eBay for $250,100.

Snipshot’s listing closes in 25 days.

Here is our Snipshot review from 2007.