Y Combinator Names Andrew Mason, Kevin Hale, Michael Seibel, Steve Huffman, and Dalton Caldwell As Partners

Posted May 17, 2013

Paul Graham, the co-founder of Y Combinator, wrote in a blog post that the seed accelerator program has hired Andrew Mason, Kevin Hale, Michael Seibel, Steve Huffman, and Dalton Caldwell as partners.  Kevin Hale will be a full partner and the others will be part-time partners.

Hale is known for starting the online form building application company, Wufoo.  Wufoo was in one of Y Combinator’s first classes in 2006 and was acquired by SurveyMoney in 2011.  Hale is joining existing partner Garry Tan as a design mentor at Y Combinator.

Andrew Mason, the co-founder of Groupon, served as the CEO of the company as they went public, but was ousted due to poor financial performance.  Seibel co-founded Socialcam, which participated in the Winter 2012 Y Combinator class and was acquired by Autodesk for $60 million.  Huffman co-founded Hipmunk and Reddit, two companies that also participated in the Y Combinator accelerator program.  Caldwell is known for co-founding App.net and Imeem.  Harj Taggar, a full time partner at Y Combinator, is switching to part-time so that he can travel and work on a new startup.  Y Combinator now has a total of 10 full partners and 8 part-time partners.

Y Combinator’s seed accelerator program offers funding, mentorship, and a boot-camp environment.  Towards the end of the program, the Y Combinator companies participate in a demo day for entrepreneurs to pitch their products to venture capitalists.