Y Combinator Now Letting Participants Apply Even Without An Idea

Posted Mar 14, 2012

Technology incubator company is trying something completely different for people that are interested in applying for their startup boot camp. They are going to have a separate application for people that don’t have an idea yet. Now nothing is holding you back from becoming part of a startup. If you apply for this class batch and you seem like a good found, you will be accepted without an idea and then you can come up with one.

Y Combinator is doing this because they realized that they were already accepting people without proper ideas. Reddit started off as a service that was going to be a way to order food from a cellphone. Scribd originally started as a ride-sharing service.

Y Combinator also believes that smart people who think that they cannot come up with a good startup idea is generally mistaken. Every smart person has an idea in them. To apply without an idea, just go to http://news.ycombinator.com/apply-noidea.